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The # * % < ! + & Year in Review, by Ron Hauge

The # * % < ! + & Year in Review, by Ron Hauge

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2020 was hard. 2020 hindsight is easy! We don't have to tell you what it was like. You were there. The pandemic, unemployment, civil unrest. Trump. More Trump. Maybe a little laughter could help. What have you got to lose?!

From Emmy Award winner Ron Hauge (The Simpsons, Seinfeld, The Ren & Stimpy Show, In Living Color) comes The # * % < ! + & Year in Review, a retrospective collection of single-panel, full-color cartoons selected from his popular Instagram account. The year 2020 will not soon be forgotten, but perhaps we can gain a little perspective with these biting, often outrageous illustrations lampooning Trump, the pandemic, social unrest, the whole mess.


Praise for “The # * % <!+& Year In Review”

“Years from now, this book will be taught in history class. It’s that important. It’s also funny as #>& % !”  - Larry Doyle, Thurber Prize winning author

“If you want to understand what's gone on — what's gone wrong — during the Trump Years, there is no better guide than Ron Hauge. Always cheerful, weirdly sweet, this book is a sardonic, bug-eyed, candy-colored map of Hell, American Style.”  - Michael Gerber, Publisher; The American Bystander

“Ron Hauge combines a sophisticated comic mind with a broad burlesque style to create a series of unerring, mind-bendingly original political cartoons. And, in this writer’s humble opinion, his drawings rank with the best American graphic art.”  - Stan Mack

“Ron Hauge's ‘The # * % <!+& Year in Review’ gives 2020 exactly what it deserves — a hilarious barrage of dark, acerbic humor (rendered in bright, comically cheerful colors!). The sensibility is irreverent, and funny as hell. If laughter really is the best medicine then Hauge is my new enterologist.”  - Barry Blitt

“Hauge's high-pitch electric-colored drawings land on their subjects like beautiful wrecking balls;  heart-attacks of laughter, wit, spot-on observation and political activism in the hands of wicked-funny artist.”  - Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic; New York Magazine

“Ron Hauge’s new book is a laugh-out-loud hilarious work of epic comic genius, a scathing dissection and a healing balm for the plague of the Trump presidency, culminating in its bumbling exacerbation of Covid. Hauge’s unsparing pen pierces every festering nook and cranny of Trump’s malicious incompetence, revealing them in dazzling, merciless epiphanies.”  - Mark Alan Stamaty

“Ron Hauge counters every outrage of this administration with drawings of wicked humor and righteous anger. He seems able to excavate ideas from any and every cultural reference and polish them into cartoons of devious absurdism, each one a destabilizing combination of wit and fury. Ron is a cartoonist of astonishing resourcefulness.”  - John Cuneo

“Thank you Ron for keeping me laughing throughout this Trump nightmare. Your daily fountain of cartoons has chronicled the whole sad story in surprising and delightful fashion. Seeing these villains skewered so skillfully has given me many moments of joy. Bravo!”  - Mark Bryan
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